Power amplifier indicators:

Output power: 1000
Signal to noise ratio>110db
Distortion 0.007%
Sensitivity: 2V
Output using output transformer
Dimensions: 60 x 48.1 x 25 cm

The whole amps uses 56 power tubes for one sound channel
Power of power transformer: 2200W
One sound channel weighs 90kg

Power amplifier design

We've spent several years on design and research before developing this big power amps. From 30W IC chip drive output transformer to 130W power, and finally we decide to use 1000W 56 pcs power tubes to drive the output transformer.

The output transformer is double C shape, adopts no skeleton layer cushion paper process, closely matched, basically will never burn out. Power transformer is 2200W single C shape, 4 wires winding for output, precisely winding with layer cushion paper. This kind of technology and production difficulty, very few factory in this world are willing to do. They mostly do ring shape transformers.

All triodes in the circuit are precisely paired.

Part of the wires internal of amps are rectangular silver wires, and the rest are rectangular copper wires.

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